If you’re looking for a great party idea that your kids will be raving about for weeks, then why not book them in for an AntiGravity Kids’ Party?

AntiGravity is great for letting kids be kids – adventurous, playful, a little wild and a lot of fun! Our experienced instructors will guide your children through a specially designed, one-of-a-kind aerial fitness class, full of exciting flips, tricks and inversions.   Here’s what Melissa Woods had to say about her recent party:

“Our 11 year old daughter had her party at Float Fitness and had so much fun. The key things I noticed as a parent was that the children were able to challenge themselves in a safe environment, attempt new things and then repeat to improve. A number of the girls were cautious at the beginning and then by the end they were mastering moves and finding strength they didn’t think they had. Her twin brother joined the group also and he was amazing, he loved being able to experiment in the hammock.. “

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FLOATING MEDITATION (first Monday of every month)

Beginners Welcome
Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Research has shown that regular meditation can help reduce stress and improve physical health too. Anyone can practice meditation.
Manage stress
Create mental clarity and calmness
Learn to be fully present and aware
Reduce negative thoughts
Have more freedom to choose how you act
With the support of the hammocks, we’ll float through some pranayama breath work to find balance, presence, relaxation and release.
This guided meditation workshop is not to be missed!…
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Join us for this rejuvenating session of sensory indulgence and pure relaxation. We’ll start with deep slow-flow stretching, using zero-compression and front belt inversions to release tension and relieve tight muscles, set to a soundtrack of specially-chosen zen-inducing music.

Next, we’ll enjoy a soothing guided meditation in the creative Womb space, where we’ll practice slow, focused breathing to bring you into a calm and mindful state.  When your body and mind are fully relaxed, sound therapist Alice Sea’s will guide you through a feast for the senses. 

Alice has developed Floating Sound, an exclusive half-hour session just for us, where she’ll use her hauntingly beautiful vocals to guide you into a deep state of peace and relaxation. While you immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds, our very own Instructor and massage therapist Lou will provide therapeutic kneading, soothing head massage and pressure point work
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Are you looking for something a little bit special for a birthday, hen party or team bonding exercise?

Let our experienced instructors guide you through a one-of-a-kind aerial fitness experience. Luxurious, soul-nourishing and light-hearted, our AntiGravity® classes are great entertainment for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels – and of course laughter is guaranteed!

Watch your inhibitions melt away and your confidence soar as you strike stunning, gravity-defying poses originally designed for the Cirque du Soleil. Our super-safe AntiGravity® hammocks will help you to stretch and lengthen in ways you never thought possible, offering a wonderful way to relax and a a great way to deepen bonds between close friends.

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Looking for something fun and unique for this year’s celebrations? Grab your team and head down to Float Fitness for an Aerial Fitness Christmas Party!

AntiGravity is an amazing, one-of-a-kind aerial fitness experience inspired by the Cirque du Soleil. Suitable for all ages and abilities, you and your colleagues are guaranteed a party to remember!  Your bespoke Christmas party will be specially designed for you and your team. Upbeat and energetic with flips and tricks, or relaxing and low-tempo to recharge the mind – you set the scene! You’ll strike stunning, gravity-defying poses in our suspended hammocks, set to a soundtrack of your favourite music to get the good vibes flowing. 

At the end, you’ll celebrate with delicious refreshments and of course, some festive bubbles.

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Shallow chest breathing seems normal for most of us, but it actually restricts your lungs, limits your oxygen intake, and makes you feel tense, anxious and short of breath.

Deep abdominal breathing, on the other hand, allows your lungs to expand to their full capacity. This means you’re not only taking in much more oxygen, but you’re expelling more carbon dioxide too.

Our experienced teacher Sasha will help you re-discover your nourishing, natural breathing. Our unique fusion of aerial yoga and pranayama will help you find freedom in your breath and your body. A combination of deep breath work, focus and Mudra (hand postures) will elevate you to the deepest state of relaxation, where you can use diaphragmatic breathing to realise the full potential of your lungs. In the hammocks, we’ll float through aerial yoga postures to find balance, presence, relaxation and release. This workshop is not to be missed!….Come float, flow and rediscover the power of your breath. Limited spots! $30 – prepayment is required.



Do you dream of flight? Catch it with a photo! Packages are available to suit your exact needs, tailored to perfection with the highest quality.

Fly High Package 45 min session 5 edited digital images Access to raw images Coaching into poses Price $185

Elite Flyer Package 2 hr session 5 edited digital images Access to raw images Coaching into poses Styled in-house PLUS Hair and make-up Price $299


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