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  • See increased strength
  • Drop weight and gain tone
  • Full body workout
  • De-stress and raise your endorphin levels
  • Compliment your current training to improve balance and stability
  • Perfect entry workout for beginners

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My passions in life include movement through music. I love the beach and enjoy surfing whenever I get time to take a break from my busy life.  My younger years were filled with creative arts and competitive sports, including Rhythmic Gymnastics, dancing, competitive swimming, top-level netball and athletics.

My desire to live life to the fullest is what brought me to where I am today.  After being a full-time mother for 5 years, I wanted to combine my lifestyle of daily exercise with my working life in order to maximise time with family, friends and the great outdoors. I wanted to find a way to take my exercise away from the gym to methods that were in line with my passions and interests.

The idea of yoga and similar exercise techniques, has always appealed to me. I knew the benefits; it just needed to be a little more of an upbeat tempo for me. Then I discovered AntiGravity® Fitness and here I am healthier and happier than ever before!

I have a positive attitude towards life and a great sense of humour. I pride myself on giving 100% in all that I do and look forward to helping others reach their full potential through their AntiGravity® Fitness experience.



After falling madly in love with AntiGravity in 2017, it was only a few months later that she took her first AntiGravity training. Joining the Float team at the start of 2018 marked the start of her healing journey. Addicted to training and upskilling, Abby has done numerous trainings and is extremely excited to be able to bring all of her passions together at Float Fitness.

Abby is a Level 2 AntiGravity® Instructor, trained in Fundamentals 1&2, AirBarre, Restorative Yoga and Aerial Yoga, a Hatha, Pre & Post Natal and Yin Yoga teacher. She is a Qualified Early Childhood Educator, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and Beauty Therapist. She has participated in Aerial therapeutics training and will be diving deep into Trauma Informed Yoga later in the year.

She is down to earth, has a heart full of love and is passionate about filling up peoples love buckets. Abby gives her heart and soul to support people to feel nurtured and cared for.

During Abbys classes you will gain flexibility, mobility, strength, mind body connection with a special addition of aromatherapy and a super juicy cocoon. She offers people an opportunity to come back to their self, land in the sweet present and meet themselves with the attention, love and care that they deserve.

You will find Abby working alongside Louise making Float the wonderful place that it is. Creating amazing events, hosting crystal singing bowl journeys, offering pampering facials and Aromatouch Massages and just hanging out at her second home.



Originally from Scotland, Carol has been living in Mount Maunganui since early 2016. She discovered AntiGravity when a friend introduced her in 2016, at the time Louise was running classes out of a small space in Dee Street.  After Float expanded and relocated, Carol came back and immediately knew it was something she needed to incorporate into her life. She fell in-love with the effects it had on her mind & body.

Some of Carols passions include, AntiGravity of course!, yoga, walking, exploring New Zealand, socialising and living a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

She is a massage therapist both at Float Fitness and from home, plus a full time freight forwarder. Carol is currently studying health & nutrition coaching and is incredibly excited to grow her career in the health & wellness industry.

Carol has trained in AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1&2, Suspension Fitness, Aerial Yoga and Pilates. She teaches Pilates on a Wednesday morning and is also part of a Sunday rotation of our instructors.

Her classes are fun and she loves to bring forth LEVITY, creating a class filled with laughter and joy. You will leave with a smile on your face, feeling lighter and more in touch with your inner child.

Carol believes there’s always a reason to smile.



With an inner knowing and calling to doing something that lights her up. Abi recently completed her Antigravity Fundamentals, Restorative AntiGravity Yoga and is currently completing her 200hr yoga teacher training.

Abi began her journey with yoga around 5 years ago when she left home in the UK to travel across the world.

“I found it grounded me and made me deepen my ability to be present in each moment. I have lived with anxiety for years and found that yoga was such a calming way to take care of myself and become more trusting of my inner world.
I found Antigravity at a time in my life when my yoga practice had become nearly non-existent, Antigravity made me excited to move my body again, to be in my body and to experience movement in a unique and transformative way. It is exciting, new and so much fun. I never realised how much I needed to hang upside down until I did. I honestly believe that I will never live without a hammock again.  This is why I chose to complete my antigravity training, so I can bring this amazing movement practice to others and deepen my own practice in return.”

Abi is committed to helping people become more connected, more loving and kinder to themselves in every class.

“I absolutely cannot wait to see you on the mat or floating around in our wonderful community.”



Cara grew up on the other side of the world on the tiny island of Nantucket. Her early days were filled with activity- playing or at least trying every sport under the sun as a child, eventually developing a deep love for swimming and running.  In these two sports she found freedom and a conn ection within herself that went beyond physicality. They were an escape, an outlet, and she recognized these to be just as important for her mental health as physical.  Guided by her love of health and a desire to help others, Cara went on to study psychology and public health at University. Still, she felt something was missing, and that all the years of study failed to explain that innate and deep wisdom she felt within herself.  It wasn’t until she found herself increasingly swapping out the high intensity activities for yoga classes that she observed how movement could be used to reach and explain those deeper connections within oneself. Connections within what we now understand as the mind body. On a quest to dive deeper still and explore more mind body modalities Cara found Float.

 It was love at first inversion. Her very first class left her in awe and hungry for more. The massive benefit to the aerial arts was hard to miss; potential for both a challenge and fun with the flips and tricks, as well as the empowerment in learning to trust the hammock, find wings and fly. However, it was the gentle side of time in the hammock that truly won her heart. Cara found the support of the hammock to be of utmost value in creating space to truly drop in and let go, a unique experience of being held and going deeper.  Now recently certified in AntiGravity and AntiGravity restorative Cara is ecstatic to support others on their mind body journey. Weaving reiki energy healing, aromatherapy, breath work and guided meditation through her teachings she hopes to offer others a moment of bliss and to inspire movement through life with peace and calm.



A recent teaching graduate and an avid adventuress, Alisha is combining her skills to teach AntiGravity® Fitness classes.

“I was attracted to Float as an addition to my weekly exercise. I enjoy the freedom of movement, flips, stretching, increased flexibility and laughter. Having had lower back pain over the years being able to invert, decompress and hip flexor sequences have provided a lot of release. I have built core strength and increased balance which complements all the sports I love to enjoy including surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking. Float has an amazing atmosphere with fantastic people. Once you master your inversions and front belt sequences you will be addicted as well!”

Alisha teaches Pilates on a Wednesday night at 5.15pm and is the creator of our Young Flight Club programme for budding aerial ninjas. Alisha now works full time as a secondary school Science Teacher.



“You should always fly when you have the chance!”

Lisa has practiced Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga for twelve years, and discovered AntiGravity Fitness when Lou brought the mobile rig to a Wellness event organised by her employer. Lisa recognised a complimentary fitness opportunity to slot in with walking Mauao and the Papamoa Hills, and her yoga.

Gaining competency and learning new moves through a Flips & Tricks workshop added a sense of childlike delight back into her life, and a lifestyle change led her to complete Fundamental 1 & 2 training.  She loves to see people master new moves as they develop strength and movement in the classes she teaches.

“I find the AntiGravity classes provide a stealth core workout that benefits my motorcycle riding, and also helps me to manage the outcomes of endometriosis scarring throughout my abdomen.”



April has been floating for some time, but has recently completed her UBound training and her AntiGravity level 1.  I’m a lover of all things outdoors with a passion for helping others and being active.  Through my active involvement in the community I have discovered the importance of giving and living and what it means to me. Volunteering as a lifeguard, ski patroller, at the SPCA and working as a police officer, swimming instructor, personal trainer and pool lifeguard has helped me discover this.
Growing up as a competitive swimmer in a family that is constantly involved in water activities in and outdoors has influenced the ocean to be my favourite place.  Recently I spent a year or so chasing snow in Canada. When I returned to New Zealand I was craving sunshine and the ocean. Making the move to Mount Maunganui felt very natural.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Aerial silk classes that I took in Canada so I was ecstatic when I came across Float Fitness.
I love the positive environment that Float Fitness generates which naturally draws in wonderful people.  I’m stoked to be able to help others make positive improvements in their over all wellbeing by instructing at Float Fitness.



Annie has been part of Float Fitness since 2018, and U-bound pretty much since it started.  Along with teaching U-bound she also works as a Research and development Technologist for a local food manufacturing company PLUS  runs her own food trailer – Flossy’s Ice Cream. Annie loves keeping busy!

“I am a born and bred Bay of Plenty girl, essentially juggling three jobs and love the escape Float provides. I have been teaching UBound since mid-July 2020 and honestly love every minute of teaching and the continuous challenge u-bound provides. I also promise to challenge everyone who challenges themselves in u-bound, you won’t regret it.Float Fitness to me is not just a place to exercise and relax, it is also a family of like-minded, amazing people. It will always brighten your day walking through those doors”.


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“Everyone has a duty to themselves to do the best to care for their body and mind.”
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