TAKE FLIGHT… an air-wareness summer weekend retreat.


Have you always wanted to learn our aerial technique?

Would you love to build the foundations to take flight, find your aerial wings and gain the skills to be able to practice Aerial at home?
A little healing, wellness and a getaway with time just for self care?
This course was designed for you!

Our weekend long course is a beautiful exploration of different aerial techniques; guided and taught by senior instructors with over 15 years experience between them. Enjoy Five MasterClasses and three specialist workshops and wellness experiences accompanied by delicious wholesome food and outside experiences in the beautiful Bay.

On completion of this weekend, you will receive the option to buy a specially discounted hammock package, including support around setting up rigging AND access to 3 months free online virtual classes, to keep you airful and motivated!

community?… Aeria

March 17 -19th, 2023

Cost $999 (accommodation included)

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1) TAKE FLIGHT Part 1: OPEN UP – Beginners Introduction
2) TAKE FLIGHT Part 2: FLOW & GROW – Beginners Introduction
3) CREATE THE MAGIC – Aerial Yoga
4) NOURISH THE SOUL – Aerial Restorative Yoga
5) PILATES AT NEW HEIGHTS – Aerial Pilates
Opening circle
Wholesome vegan food
Sunset Mount Summit
Mount Hot pool soak
Mount Drury Picnic
Closing Cacao Ceremony


TAKE FLIGHT Part 1: OPEN UP – Beginners Introduction to AntiGravity® with Master Trainer and New Zealand AntiGravity® Ambassador Louise

The first principle of AntiGravity® is TRUST. AntiGravity® has an impeccable safety record of over 20 years with each point of the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock being rated for well over 1000 pounds (500kg), allowing you to relax and trust in the technique and the apparatus. This Beginners MasterClass will focus on teaching you the basics of Aerial, with a focus on our our signature move – the inversion – where you will decompress your spine, and find alignment in your whole body. We will release the muscles around the hips in our front belt, find freedom in movement, and enjoy the most relaxing end to any exercise class, the ultimate floating savasana – Cocoon!

TAKE FLIGHT Part 2: FLOW & GROW – Beginners Introduction to AntiGravity® with Master Trainer Louise

Movement instantly become more fun (and more effective) in an AntiGravity® hammock! This class will build on the foundations you learned in Part 1 for Beginners, with Part 2 progressing to reflect our Aerial Open class program. Experience flow work at it’s best and most fun with our Open style classes; inversions, seated and standing movements come together to give an excellent all round lengthening and strengthening class.

CREATE THE MAGIC – Aerial Yoga MasterClass with Senior Instructor Sasha

Explore the evolution of yoga into 3-dimensional space. Aerial Yoga offers a different experience off the mat and into the air, using the Hammock to support another level of depth and understanding in the body. The Aerial yoga practice is a body/mind/spirit class is a fun, dynamic and holistic practice done to great tunes that helps to strengthen for a regular yoga practice.

NOURISH THE SOUL – Restorative Yoga MasterClass with Senior Instructor Abbey

Restorative Yoga is the gentle, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of Aerial Yoga. This approach is perfect for those with a lower fitness level, or those who just like an approach that gives you time to tune in at a deep level. Taught in a sequential flow to music, the class incorporates levitating meditations, zero-compression inversions, supported sun salutations, joint opening poses, and a floating savasana.

PILATES AT NEW HEIGHTS – AntiGravity® Pilates MasterClass with Master Trainer Louise

It starts at the core – explore new territory with your Pilates workout! Transferring the Pilates movement vocabulary to the Hammock is a natural evolution that Joseph Pilates would most certainly have approved of. AntiGravity® Pilates is a suspension training program with classes taking core-strengthening and targeted muscle conditioning to new heights. Explore the amazing benefits that can be derived by training using the Pilates Method in combination with AntiGravity®’s Zero-Compression Inversions on the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock.


FLOAT, FLOW AND BREATHE – with Senior Instructor Sasha

Shallow chest breathing seems normal for most of us, but it actually restricts your lungs, limits your oxygen intake, and makes you feel tense, anxious and short of breath. Deep abdominal breathing, on the other hand, allows your lungs to expand to their full capacity. This means you’re not only taking in much more oxygen, but you’re expelling more carbon dioxide too.
Our experienced teacher Sasha will help you re-discover your nourishing, natural breath using a combination of deep breath work, focus and Mudra (hand postures) to elevate you to the deepest state of relaxation, where you can use diaphragmatic breathing to realise the full potential of your lungs.
Come float, flow and rediscover the power of your breath.

SOUND JOURNEY – with Senior Instructor Abbey

Everything in the universe (including our bodies) is in a constant state of vibration. Vibration touches every part of our physical being. The way we understand sound, which is in essence a vibration, is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.
Abbey’s singing bowl Sound Healing workshops are a unique blend of something quite magical. Crystal singing bowls are a wonderful tool to support you to drop into a meditative state. Each bowl is tuned to vibrate at a different frequency, providing profound healing and restoring the mind and body. Allow your body and mind to be nourished, supported and fully held in our Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock. Cocooned in a floating savasana, you have the opportunity to find total Relaxation.

FLIPS & TRICKS – with Master Trainer Louise

Explore the air with a technique that was originally designed for a New York Performance troop. This workshop is for anyone wanting to break down our more advanced moves and take their technique to circus/ninja heights. Experience the Aerial Arts side of AntiGravity® and learn some fun and dynamic tricks that will challenge you.

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