Own your own business, without starting from scratch.

Allowing you to do what you love, while making a meaningful change to other people’s lives.
Create your own future where you have time, lifestyle, and financial freedom.

Opening a Float Fitness studio starts from NZD $55k.

Why Float Fitness?

We’ve already figured it out, so you don’t have to.

Float Fitness has spent the last five years creating effective systems so we can operate successfully, without needing Louise to monitor everything.

We’ve gone through the hard yards, created, documented, tested and polished our strategy until we were certain it could be rolled out to anyone, successfully.

As a Float Fitness franchise, you’ll receive the benefits of our proficient systems, ongoing product/service development, commercial-grade marketing material, up to date and high-quality instructions and training material, plus ongoing support from us. To help ensure your studio is successful. 

You, as the studio owner. Could back away from the day-to-day tasks and allow yourself to develop the business. Rather than operate it, if you’d choose.


The hard work has been done, just climb aboard and we can all ride the wave of success together.


Float Fitness is an anti-gravity yoga, massage, and retail studio that believes staying active should be entertaining, social, and empowering.


You can choose how involved you are with running the business. We’ve set everything up so you can work as many or as few hours as you’d like!


Join the evolving yoga revolution that is changing the way we get fit. This is the perfect opportunity to help improve hundreds of people’s lives.

Our Team

The magicians who are responsible for all the magic that happens in our Mount Maunganui company.

Louise Kirkham
Louise Kirkham


Franchise Manager

Abby Andersen
Abby Andersen

Mount Maunganui Manager Senior Instructor

Chris Kirkham
Chris Kirkham

Digital Content Manager

Chief Engineer

Ben Fitzgerald
Ben Fitzgerald

Marketing Manager

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