UBOUND® 30-Day Shred - Float Fitness

UBOUND®*  exercise shoes required!

*This class IS included in High Flyer Membership

OR come jon us for a month challenge!

UBOUND® 30-Day Shred

UBOUND® 30-Day Shred – for just $125!!

To keep you on track with your fitness goals, we’re offering a fabulous Ubound® 30-Day Shred package worth over $225, for just $125!! BOOK A UBOUND® FREE TRIAL CLASS NOW

You’ll get

  • 4 classes per week
  • A bottle of Detox Spray to encourage optimal liver, kidney and intestinal function, clear parasites, and correct candida imbalance.
  • A $10 discount on a Cell-Wellbeing comprehensive hair follicle scan.
  • A $20 discount on your perfect workout shoes from the Mount’s new Smith Sports Shoes.
  • A FREE massaging vacuum cup.

Your four weekly classes include:

  • 2 x UBOUND® Classes
  • 1 x CrossCore, a bodyweight and resistance strengthening class that uses rotation and instability to challenge the body
  • 1 x Float Drop-In Class – your choice of any class on our timetable

We’re offering you this package for just $125 – a massive saving of $100!

Want to try before you buy?… call us now on 07 575 6070 to book!