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Welcome to our Cross Core!

When it comes to bodyweight training, allowing the body to perform and move naturally without limitation is key. BEGINNERS WELCOME!

Just as dumbbells and barbells have long been hailed as the gold standard in building strength and mass due to the ability to push and pull in natural pathways dictated only by that of the human body, so is the same with the CrossCore.

Instead of being restricted by static straps, the CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Trainer opens up all three plains of motion for real movement that produces better results.

CrossCore is the only bodyweight trainer able to utilize more than just the trainee’s bodyweight. Use accessory straps to attach kettle bells, weight plates and sandbags for isolation training much like a weight stack machine offers.

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“This humble portable device can mimic the motor-pathway of at least two-dozen resistance-training machines. In each instance, in head-to-head comparisons, the results derived using the CrossCore exceeds the results obtained training on super-expensive, super-sophisticated resistance training machines… Check it out for yourself. This thing is muscles in a little bag”