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Bring AntiGravity® Home With Your Very Own Hammock

Are you ready to fly higher?

Imagine floating in the trees in your very own hammock, with sunlight and the sound of the leaves in your ears as you lay in cocoon …

Or practicing a beautiful decompressing inversion when you wake up in your bedroom – starting the day in a stress-free way…

Well, now you can.

If you are feeling energetic some inverted sit-ups may be on the cards, or perhaps a soothing restorative session to promote a great night’s sleep.

The possibilities are endless.

You may even find your family takes interest in your new hobby – children in particular can benefit for the fun and educational aspect of having a hammock in your home.

There is a HUGE variety of moves available for a home practice.

So far there’s AntiGravity® Yoga, AntiGravity® Restorative, Suspension Fitness®, AntiGravity®Pilates and  Airbarre®, so imagine for a moment all the possibilities.

In fact, there are thousands of combinations to suit your particular needs.

If you are considering a hammock for your home, I know you’ll  have a few questions.

Here are the biggies we get  (I’ve answered them for you too!):

Here are the answers to some of our most popular questions home hammocksurrounding an AntiGravity® hammock and what it takes to bring one into your home:

– How do I go about installation?

We recommend getting a professional to take a look at your ceiling to see if it can hold the weight. Safety first!

A few of our hammock customers have either:

  • Built or found a beam  stable enough to hold their weight, and used the adjustable daisy chain included in the pack. (The photo is an example of Lou’s rig – a support beam from the hard-ware store installed across a gap in the room)
  • Bought / made a portable  rig  (a great idea for taking your practice outside or on the move!)

-How high does me ceiling need antigravity fitness new zealandto be/how much space do I need?

Ideally your space needs to be at least 2.6 meters/6.5ft high to be able to accommodate AntiGravity® moves.

Space-wise, AG® recommends at least a 3 meter/9.8ft circumference (1.5 metres/4.9ft either side of the centre point between the two brackets. However, at Float Fitness we have found a 4 metre/13.2ft circumference is better to get the best possible Swoosh (an AG core stabilising movement).

– How strong is my set up?

Every piece of the Harrison AG® hammock is rated for sustaining over 1000 lbs (453 kgs). That’s as much as a baby elephant!

That means the whole rig in total can sustain up to 3000lbs (1359kgs).

So if the questions are :

“can it hold me?”

“is it safe?”

The answer is “Yes! Absolutely!”

– What’s included?

Included in the AntiGravity® pack there is :antigravity hammock pack

1) The Flying Fabric

A one-way stretch fabric square that is 9feet wide and 12feet long.

2) Daisy chain (adjustment strap)

This is what attaches the hammock to the ceiling and what allows the hammock to be at different heights. So, if you are feeling like  a  restorative session, drop the hammock a little lower to the floor.

They are made to withstand 2200kilograms in a static condition, so these daisy chains would need a lot of force to break!

3) Choke loop

These attach the carabiners to the hammock. As you put weight on the hammock they tighten making a safe and strong connection.

4) Carabiners

Our carabiners are made from an aluminum alloy that were created for the rock climbing industry and can withstand a significant amount of G-Force. They are light and extremely strong.

5) Instructional hammock set-up DVD

Don’t worry, this instructional DVD has detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how to hang your Christopher Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock.

What makes the AntiGravity® Hammock different from other yoga swings?

AntiGravity® is the only form of aerial arts certified by the EU and USA due in part to the rigorous testing the fabric goes through. We can honestly say our AntiGravity® hammocks are the safest in the world!

For safety reasons we wouldn’t recommend purchasing an unknown hammock from and unknown source .

We’d hate for you to be disappointed with an imitation that doesn’t meet your high expectations of quality and safety.

– How do I take care of my hammock – are they easy to maintain?

Super easy. In fact, you can take the metalwork off and wash them on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. Depending on use, they just need a clean once a month or so.

Drying is easy too, just hang them up out of direct sunlight (to preserve colour) and they air dry in about 8 hours.

-How much does my set up cost?

All up, your AntiGravity® Hammock is $795 NZD.

For price you get the full setup –

a hammock in the colour of your choice, daisy chain, choke loops, caribinas and instructional DVD –

and shipping from Australia, handling and customs costs to save you hassle.

(Shipping in New Zealand extra depending on location – call for details)

– Do they come in different colours?


We have some stunning colours to chose from.

When choosing a hammock colour, some things to consider are:

Which colour are you naturally drawn to?

Imagine you are in Cocoon pose (laying down in the hammock) – which colour would you like to be surrounded by?

Where are you planning to practice and what is the colour scheme of the room?

The colour guide below will help you to chose a hammock you love and cherish.

Choosing A Colour That’s Right For You


Feel energised in your practice with a firey-red hammock. Red is the colour of strength and courage so see if you can just do one more pull-up in this hammock!

Brighten  a room with natural wood and neutral colours.

Red Antigravity hammock to buy

OrangeWarm Orange Home Hammock

Orange is a zesty burst of colour that promotes happiness and creativity. A cheerfully bright hammock, the orange will bring your practice to life – see if you can add a little flair to your inversions!


A gold hammock will bring out the performer in us all. Remember AntiGravity® was originally made for the stage! This subtly gold hammock has a little shimmer that aligns perfectly with an inspired practice.

The colour is energetic, creative and associated with abundance and will bring a little shine to any room.



Silver is the hammock of choice for our students at Float Fitness. We love the shimmer it gives and the light, airy effect it has on our studio.

Silver is a calming and peaceful colour, and is a great choice with most colour schemes in rooms.

Lavenderlilac antigravity hammock

A calming and soothing colour, a lavender hammock brings balance to your practice. Lavendar is often associated with quietening the mind, so if you are wanting to work on your meditation, this colour could help you relax.

A lavender hammock will go surprisingly well with a blue colour scheme in your room.

PurplePurple Home Hammock

A warming, bright and electric purple brings a splash of colour to your practice! Purple is an energising and refreshing colour – especially with the shimmer the AntiGravity® hammock has.

A purple hammock brings a neutral room to life and goes surprisingly well with warm and cool tones.

Royal Blueft10

This hammock is the colour of the ocean – it brings a balancing and soothing element to your practice. It’s visually stunning against any backdrop – Vampire Pose looks stunning in royal blue!

Medium BlueMedium Blue Anti Gravity Hammock For Home Practice

Another colour of choice for our studio here at Float Fitness.

It looks like a tropical sea! I find it soothing, calming and energising all at once – and it looks great in a bright and airy room.

If you are lucky enough to practice AntiGravity® outside, the colour inside the hammock in cocoon or womb is out of this world!

JadeJade Green Hammock For Aerial Yoga/Antigravity Yoga

A dark, leafy green for a calm and close-to-nature feel. This jade green is the colour of pounamu (greenstone in New Zealand) and is earthy and restorative yet energising.

Would look great in a room with plants and earthy tones.

Lime GreenLime Green Aerial Hammock

Energising, refreshing and bright, this is my personal favourite. It brings a zing to your practice – a flash of lime as you set yourself up for any AntiGravity® class.

Enjoy lengthening and waking up your body in your own home with this zesty hammock (or this is another stunner outside in the sunshine.)

WhiteBright White Aerial Yoga Hammock

Keeping it simple and pure in a white AntiGravity® hammock. White is often the colour of choice for performances as it accentuates beautiful moves.

The crisp and clean lines the white hammock creates are stunning against any colour in any room-neutral or bright.

Surprisingly easy to keep white and a beautiful addition to a boho / vintage / classic setting.


So you have decided your colour, and thought of a perfect place to hang your AntiGravity® Hammock.

All you need to do now is register your interest for when we place our next order! We’ll let you know how long it will take to ship and what the arrival date is.

Register your interest by calling 021761994 , or simply send me an email at  and I’ll answer any questions you have!

In the meantime, see you in class!