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Welcome To Float Fitness

We have a great range of classes to choose from. Whether you’d like to relax from a long day, get a good workout in or release tight hips take a look below and see which class is for you

All we ask is that beginners complete 2 beginners lessons to get used to the hammock.

And we’ve made it super easy,  a 2 class pass is only $40!

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AntiGravity® Beginners Class

aerial yoga beginners

If you are new to AntiGravity® or just polishing your skills, this is the class for you!

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Tuesday 5.30pm// Wednesday 10am // Saturday 11am 


AntiGravity® Open Classantigravity new zealand

Experience core strengthening and release work at it’s best and most fun with our open classes. Inversions, seated and standing movements come together to give an excellent all round toning and strengthening class.

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Monday 7.30pm // Tuesday 9.15am // Wednesday 7.30pm // Thursday 5.30pm // Friday 10:45am


AntiGravity® Airbarreadult dance class new zealand

This class is a stunning blend of AntiGravity techniques and a ballet barre class, all designed by famous ballerina Lorianne Major. Reawaken your inner ballerina with Airbarre®

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Thursday 7:45pm // Friday 9.15am


Suspension Fitnesssuspension fitness new zealand

Sit ups and press-ups instantly become more fun (and more effective) in an AntiGravity® hammock! A great compliment to your training, have a fun and high energy class to music

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Monday 5.30 pm // Wednesday 5.30pm // Saturday 9:30am


AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga

AY offers a different experience off the mat and into the air, using the Harrison Hammock to support another level of depth and understanding in the body. The practice helps to strengthen for a regular yoga practice. It is a fun, dynamic and holistic practice done to sound spa therapy music.


Tuesday 7pm // Thursday 9.30am


Young Flight Club

This class is for budding high flyers aged 10 – 14 years. Come explore the air with a technique that was originally designed for New York Performance troop. In this hour will play and honour the aerial arts with flips, trick and inversions. We will also strengthen our core, stretch out the limbs, challenge our limits and flip out attitude 🙂


Monday 3.45pm // Thursday 3.45pm

Restorative Yoga

AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga is the gentle, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga. This approach is perfect for those with a lower fitness level, or those who just like an approach that gives you time to tune in at a deep level.  Taught in a sequential flow to music, the class incorporates levitating meditations, zero-compression inversions, supported sun salutations, joint opening poses, and a floating sivasana. Working from different hammock heights allows for the gentle opening of hips and spine.


Monday 10am