AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness Express - Float Fitness

Welcome to Suspension Fitness Express!

Welcome to a fun and energising way to get fit this Summer!

Get an incredible all-body workout every class with our AntiGravity® Hammock.


Prerequisite of 2 beginners classes

In every class we will:

  • Work on our core stability and strength
  • Have a fun and energising class to a unique playlist
  • Get Zero-Compression Inversions in every class
  • Increase body awareness as we develop balance and strength
  • Have an aromatherapy experience with our World Organic Skincare Oils

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“If you want to improve your core strength and get ‘life fit’, Suspension Fitness is for you! See results fast, all from a fun and energising class to a great playlist.”

Lou – Owner of Float Fitness