AntiGravity® Airbarre - Float Fitness

Welcome to AntiGravity® Airbarre!

Re-kindle your inner ballerina.

This class is all about creating length and strength with movement inspired and choreographed by Lorrianne Major.

Rather than a fixed ballet barre, the AntiGravity hammocks allow a dynamic element to traditional ballet exercises meaning a better all round workout.

Prerequisite is 2 beginners classes

Each class promises to:

  • Have our famous inversions and front belts allowing release of tight hips and back
  • Have a different focus every week designed around a beautiful playlist
  • Blend elements of traditional ballet and dance in a fun and expressive class
  • Involve relaxation in our famous ‘Cocoon Pose’ so you get some much deserved ‘me’ time
  • Never have more than 6 in a class guaranteeing personal attention
  • Have an aromatherapy experience from our stunning World Organic oil range

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“Airbarre is so much fun, I love progressing through all our stunning movements! We love to laugh in our classes as we challenge each other in a supportive environment”

Lou – Instructor and owner of Float Fitness